This economy box is suitable for small Parrots, such as Eastern and Pale Headed Rosellas, Rainbow and Scaly Breasted Lorikeets.
It comes as a flat pack only and is manufacured fro 9 & 12mm plywood (assembled box is shown).
Internal dimensions 400 (H) X 170 (W) X 170 (D) Vertical box with 65mm entrance hole.

Box comes with flanged sides. Entry can be readily covered if there is an Indian Myna problem.

Tree mounting kit for this box is medium

$39.00 / box(es)
Delivery weight: 3 kg


Suitable for the economy range of nest boxes for Small Parrots and Brushtail Possums. Consists of a solid plywood backing piece with keyhole insert at one end. Plus hexaganol head coach screws and panel mounting screws. Makes mounting the box easier and more secure. Not required for heavy duty boxes.

Delivery weight: 1 kg